Cognitive Forge

A game studio based in Melbourne


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So what's Cognitive Forge?

Cognitive Forge is a part time independent game development studio formed at the conclusion of 2011. We focus on making games that are not only fun, but challenge the player and make them think.

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What's happening now?

Our current project is a mouse driven rogue-lite platformer, called Aura of Worlds.

Levels are procedurally generated with areas having unique traps, enemies and quirks.
There is a strong focus on improvisation and using the environment, unconventional abilities and even adversities to one's advantage

It's been in development as a very part time hobby project since mid 2013

Here's a short video of the build from PAX last year

More about the project is posted on:

What was our first commercial game?

While we've made a number of mods and experimental game projects
Catapolt was the studio's first commercial app released back in 2012.

Cognitive Forge